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About Us

Ecuadorian native, Tammy Fesche, founded Ecuadent in 1990 to fulfill her life’s goal to return and help the impoverished of her country. Gaining momentum in the early 90s, Ecuadent was registered as a 501c(3) nonprofit in 1994.

In our 25 years we have provided:

  • Preventative and restorative dental care
  • Cleft lip and palate corrective surgery
  • Burn scar contracture
  • Improved function and appearance to syndactyly and polydactyly digits
  • and many other procedures

We make a point to reach those which have no access to healthcare in neglected regions of Ecuador. We provide crucial treatments to improve the lives of those we reach by improving mobility and reducing the social stigma associated with some of these malformations

Housed and hosted by the Navy of Ecuador, Ecuadent volunteers are able to make full use of the local hospitals’ modest facilities. We often return to the same areas and are able to monitor improvements in the health of the local populations.

Why Ecuador?

Ecuador is a beautiful country with a rich history. From the Galapagos to the ancient Inca Empire, this country has an amazing story to tell. Unfortunately, Ecuador also suffers from huge economic inequalities and health disparities. Development usually doesn’t reach the populations which need it the most. This is why we focus our efforts here. See where we’ve worked by looking at pastmissions here.

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